Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow, oh Glorious Snow

Yes, that is a snowfilled balcony on the topmost floor!
And yes, the first floor balcony is supposed to be some feet above ground.

I love winter. Real winter. Not the wishywash thing we usually get, but this kind of winter. 2 feet of snow - that lasts! - and crisp days.

I should make a snow dragon. Some years back, I did a huge chinese dragon out of snow. Perhaps it's time to repeat the feat? Just because I'm a legal adult since several years back doesn't make it look weird, right? Right.

After all, a colleague told me she had dug her way out on her balcony, making a snow cave out of the heap to make the task less task-like.

One should never be too old to be childish.

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