Thursday, December 29, 2011

Damn you, Janet Evanovich

A few times in your life you need to stop and re-evaluate your self image. You might realise that maybe that career in law isn’t what you want, or that pink isn’t your colour. I know – right now you’re thinking “but where’s the writing? Is this another depressing IRL post?” Don’t panic. Writing stuff will ensue.

I had one big “waaait a moment” feeling around the time I turned twenty and realised I was gay. I had never seen myself as gay. I figured I was incredibly picky with men. I didn’t know how it was supposed to feel. It was a difficult realisation to have, especially as I had missed out on all those pretty high school girls.

The other big turn around was the other day when I picked up the books I had just bought and saw two more Janet Evanovich books. Suddenly I had to accept the fact that I gush all about them, that I can’t wait for the film to come out (One for the Money) and that I usually read them straight through in one day. I love them. They’re not the height of literature, a wonder in writing technique, full with deep thoughts or have a society-challenging plot. But they make me laugh. They make me want to buy a cookie jar. They even make me challenge my gayness because damn, that Joe Morelli is hot.

I’ve never seen myself as a romance/comedy/detective person. I’ve been into fantasy, science-fiction, high dramas. And you know what, I was wrong. I narrowed myself down and I have missed out for such a long time.

This is the reason you should never let anyone – least of all your own prejudice – put you in a box. When you read, try something new. When you write, try everything. Our hearts are better judges than our brains.


  1. This post gives me hope that you might like my book when it comes out. :)

    Oh, and maybe you're bi? At least literarily. ;)

  2. That is too true. I've never been a big romance person, especially as a writer... then I looked at what I'd been writing and just about each story has some romance going on, and some mystery or suspense, and some dead people.

    Being stuck with any label seems inaccurate, we are not any one piece of our being, choices, or knowledge- there is a reason they say "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". To be or write (or read) any one thing is very limited and narrow. It is also not the least bit realistic. If we want realistic characters and stories there are going to be a lot of parts. I'm currently working on, completing, or polishing - a fantasy with a fairy godmother, a sci-fi long story with a space marshal, a sci-fi short story with some high-brow physics, a southwest murder mystery with archaeologist, and an urban fantasy action/adventure monsters story with a samurai race car driver, and by golly I've got a romantic comedy in the works also. There is at least one dead body, one romance, and some really sarcastic attitude in each, along with humor, mystery, and action.

    I say "Life is a journey - take the scenic route!"

  3. Linda - Literary bi, I love the sound of that! And in my attempt to not box me in, I have an open mind when it comes to men as well.

    Chaco kid - I'm glad to see someone else who likes to mix it up!

  4. Malin, life is too short to stay in a box. I enjoy your adventures.

  5. Life is a journey - take the scenic route.

    I like that line.
    I hope you don't mind me copying it into my own blog.