Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sometimes we all need help

I've let this blog be silent for long periods of time. Back when I started it I made a vow not to whine on it, and I've kept that promise most of the time. But that's also the reason that sometimes I've not written anything. Some of you might know that for several years I've not been doing too well physically and mentally.

About a month ago I had a long discussion with my mother which lead to me booking a doctor's appointment (not the first, I can tell you). They've tried to treat me for my pain and aches for a long time and gotten nowhere. This time we simply discussed the fact that my mother has noted a certain periodicity to my worst moods. I've noticed it myself but not really thought it that marked, but if she notices it, it has to be.

We decided to medicate me for something that's a badder relative of PMS (hormonal/mood disruptions before a girl's period). I've done one "round" of this and I've already started editing again on an old sci-fi novel I never got to work before. It's been so long since I last wrote something without immediately feeling the writing sucks, I can't even remember when that was. For two weeks I've not been insanely clingy, easily offended, or panic-prone. It's like magic. I'm still in pain, but at least I'm calm.

Of course, I've not even done a full cycle yet so it's not certain but it's promising. One part of me is afraid to hope it'll work, one part is angry that I've not tried this before and one part is crying in relief because maybe, maybe I might be returning to normalcy. Maybe I'll be able to keep friends around me again.

So thank you to everyone who stuck around (and please keep your fingers crossed!)


  1. *crossing fingers* I hope you've finally come upon the solution. It does sound promising. :)

  2. Jag håller tummarna för dig, Malin. Du är så stark som kämpar på! Lycka till och ha en underbar sommar.

  3. Hope it turns out to be a lasting help! Glad to hear you haven't given up on finding a solution, or on your writing!

  4. Thanks for the wellwishes everyone! Writing stalled after a few days, but if I can manage almost a week of writing per month it's more than I've been able to for the last years. Been doing fine this month too and my usual pain is easier to bear when my mood is under control.