Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not always to plan

In March I booked a trip to Australia and New Zeeland, 8 months in advance. It was the kind of trip where you go by bus everywhere and you sleep in tents. I was supposed to be away, having a great time, for two months. Hence the sekkrit in my last blog post.

I lasted two days. Due to my illness, my body crashed. I don't know exactly why but probably a mix of humidity, heat, jet lag, and stress (because even if it's fun, travelling includes so much impressions it's also a kind of stress). I know myself, and I have promised to start listening to my body. I know I don't recover easily from how I feel now, and I can feel that this trip is simply going to overload my system. So in approximately 8 hours, I'll be on a plane back home.

I'm not going to tear myself apart over this. I see it as an experience - now I know I can't do long trips, neither in time or far away. It's something I had to learn by trying it. I don't want to give up on things in fear of what might happen, I want to try it and see. It just didn't turn out so good this time. Next time it might. Which is really what writing is about too, so I got to learn to accept my mistakes in that area too.

Also on the plus side - I'm going to have a Swedish Christmas after all.

Have you ever had something turn out quite differently from what you planned?


  1. Aw, I'm sorry your trip didn't work out like you hoped, but I think you're wise to recognize your limitations and adapt to them. It beats battering yourself on the jagged rocks of the supposed "shoulds" and "musts" we all tend to pile on ourselves.

    Enjoy your Swedish Christmas. Those are pretty special. :)

  2. Thanks, Linda. I also ended up not getting on that flight due to technical issues and then hospital stays. Am now hoping it'll be a trip home on Sunday.